4 Days | 28th Sept - 1st Oct 2022

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We have chosen for Montecatini Terme because of the beauty of Tuscany, the wellbeing of the thermal waters, the hospitality of this charming town, to simply slow down and enjoy the walks! Welcome at the Third edition of the Tuscany Walking Event!

Montecatini Terme is famous for its thermal waters and can be considered one of the biggest “spa towns” in Italy.

At the turn of the 20th century, the amount of hotels started growing and so did the need to combine the thermal bathing with fun, relax and sport. A host of trendy restaurants, theatres, night clubs opened, as well as a casino, and a lot of celebrities began to visit the city. We hope you enjoy walking with us in Tuscany!

WALKING ROUTE – Tuscany Walking Event / Montecatini Terme

NEW STARTING LOCATION: in Terme di Tamerici – Via della Tamerici 69 Montecatini

Routes are subject to changes

Tuesday 27th September

Collecting starting cards in the walking village in the afternoon we welcome you at ; NEW LOCATION  Terme di Tamerici – Via della Tamerici 69 Montecatini


Day 1 – Wednesday 28th September

Montecatini Terme, Monsumano, Montecatini  Alto

Starting point from The Walking Village Terme di Tamerici – Via della Tamerici 69 Montecatini

Today the route leads via Monsummano Terme ( for 25 KM )  and Montecatini Alto ( 25 and 15 KM ) back to Montecatini Terme.

Monsumano is a SPA area with hot spring water located in the Valdinievole area. Montecatini Alto has fantastic views. From here you can go via cobbled streets to the Piazza Guiseppe Giusti where you can enjoy tastefull lunch in one of the restaurants.


Day 2 – Thursday 29th September

Pescia, Borgo a Buggiano, Castello

Starting point from The Walking Village Terme di Tamerici – Via della Tamerici 69 Montecatini

After our get together in the walking village we go together to the trainstation Montecatini Centro for a depart to Pescia ( 25 KM) and Borgo a Buggiano –  Castello ( 15 KM ). From here we walk back to The Walking Village.

Pescia is today known for it’s flower industry and tourism. The well known family Di Medici left their traces as it became thanks to them an episcolal.

Borgo a Buggiano – Castello is very popular amongst tourists because of the Medieval architecture and beauty of the city that differs from the rest of Toscany.


Day 3 – Friday 30th September

Pinokkio and Wine – Altipascio, Montecarlo, Collodi

Starting point from The Walking Village located  at Terme di Tamerici – Via della Tamerici 69 Montecatini

Walk to the train station and we leave from Montecatini Terme to Montecarlo San Salvatore. Trainticket is included.

This route leads us along the river Pescia and the old Via Collodi ( a bit a steep path) further on to the Frazione Collodi, which used to be the place of residence from the famous writer of the story of Pinokkio, Carlo Collodi.

The village Collodi belongs to the province of Pistoia and is most popular because of the Villa Garzoni which is an impressive garden build on the edge of a clifflike slope, which had been chosen in earlier times for its defensible approach.

We keep walking untill Montecarlo crossing their age-old paths ( 1500 ac ) with curved out wheeltracks, which is part of the Via Francigena – the pilgrim route to Rome.

For the 15km walkers we go from the charming wine village Montecarlo known for their very nice white wines, to the Staziono Montecarlo San Salvatore to go back to the Walking Village.

The 25 km route will continue to Altopascio and from there back to Montecatini Terme by train. Where you can sign out at the Walking Village. Trainticket is included.

Day 4 – Saturday 1st October

Montale-Agliana, Pistoia, Il Cammino do San Jacopo

Starting point from The Walking Village at  Terme di Tamerici – Via della Tamerici 69 Montecatini

We go together to the trainstation to leave for Montale- Agliana ( 25 KM) and Pistoia ( 15 KM ) via the pelgrimage route of Il Cammino di San Jacopo and back to the Walking Village.

Montale-Agliana is located between Prato and Pistoia, the name derives from her location in Valle dell’ Agna. It had a florishing time during the Middle ages thanks to the state power of Florence and Pisa.
Pistoia; when you think of Toscany you think of beautiful nature and cities like Florence and Pisa. But there so much more like Pistoia for example established by the Romans.
Il Cammino de San Jacopo is hisorical route that crosses the authentic cities like Florence, Prato, Pistoia, Pescia and Lucca. This Cammino is part of the well known long route trough the heart of Europe to Santiago de Compostella.
We start to walk back to The Walking Village to sign out and enjoy a well-deserved drink. End of the 3th edition of the Tuscany Walking Event !

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  • September 28, 2022
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