4 Days | 2021

Chiang Mai Walking Event Soon a new date for this event in 2021.

Chiang Mai, located in the north of Thailand; is a land of misty mountains and colourful hill tribes, a playground for seasoned travelers and a delight for adventurers. People will be bowled over by the variety of handicrafts and antiques. The wild child will find plenty of lively nightlife, and the epicure can indulge in wonderful cuisine. Despite its relatively small size, Chiang Mai truly has it all. We have chosen for a good variety of routes to see a bit of everything in this nice part of Thailand. For the accommodation we have chosen for a selection of hotels with good value for money in the vicinity of where  the event will take place.

The basic walking package offered by our partners consits of 5days, extensions to discover more of Thailand are available too.

The routes are still flexible to change, due to the landscape and for safety reasons we can not have exact distances every day. These routes are made exclusively for this event and very carefully selected to make it a safe journey for the more experienced walker.

Route between 8-10 KM

WALKING ROUTE – Thailand / Chiang Mai Walking Event

Routes are subject to changes.

Day 1 –

Mae Kuang Dam

Route info day 1: Click for route description

We will be picked up from our accommodation and arrive after +/- 30min to Mae Kuang Dam.Mae Kuang Udom Thara Dam is a dam that holds water. The ridge level is 390 meters higher than the average sea level. There is a reservoir area of 15 square kilometers. The amount of water flowing into the basin is 204 million cubic meters per year. Covering water for the whole Doi Saket District, San Sai District, San Kamphaeng District in Chiang Mai Province, and Ban Thi District and Mueang Lamphun District in Lamphun Province. It is a flat walking area today with a lot of shadow during the route.

Day 2 –

Doi Inthanonk National Park

Route info day 2: Click for route description

We will be picked up from our accommodation and arrive after +/- 30min to Doi Inthanonk. It is the highest peak in Thailand, located at Chom Thong District, Chiang Mai Province. Formerly known as “Doi Luang” or “Doi Luang Ang Ka”, the name of Doi Inthanon is the name of the King Inthawichayanon, the ruler of Chiang Mai , is concerned about the forest in the north and tries to preserve it. There is the national park that surrounds filled with some of the many natural wonders that make the country such a draw in the first place. Take enough time today to enjoy this national park with waterfalls, local coffee bar, the rice fields and Hill tribe villages…

Day 3 –

Huay Tueng Tao Reservoir

Route info day 3: Click for route description

Huay Tueng Tao Reservoir is located in Don Kaeo Sub-district, Mae Rim District, is a model village project under the Royal project. Huay Tueng Tao Reservoir Construction was under the royal initiative of His Majesty the King to solve the water shortage problem. Also, help in the agriculture and people nearby. The distinctive point of the Huay Tueng Tao reservoir is the vast view . There is sandy beach like the so if you like to end the day with a swim, it’s the moment to do it. Local people also come to do some fishing and outdoor activities here ..

Day 4 –

Mon Cham Area


Route info day 4: Click for route description

We are picked up from oour hotel accommodation. And after +/- 30min we arrive at Mon Cham is located on a hill ridge in the area of Mong Nong Hoi village, Mae Rim.The area was previously a desolate forest. Later, villagers came over the area and turned it into an Opium farm. But, finally, the Royal Project took over and changed the area into Nong Hoi Royal Project. The weather up here in Mon Cham gets chilly all year around. Besides, there are many view points up here where you can spot the spectacular view of green mountains. The best and perfect time to visit Mon Cham is from October to February..So we are perfect on time. End of this first edition of Thailand 4 days walking event.

Farewell party at Hmong Tribe Lodge for all walkers.
Afterwards transfers to the hotel.

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